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34 ORIENT ROYAL MAIL The Orient Royal Mail line which hat taken over th Pacific Steam Navi gatioa Company' interest in the Australian trade of the Orient Pacific Company i in expectation of an expan aion ot trade under the new retime build inc two fine steamers to supplement the Ortona and three other steamers taken over a NEWS BY THE MAIL At Crouton recently an aoxlcnt thatugitc want ot care took place while workmen were Liiihlng part of lhe new theatre which i to be erected there One of the all wa conquel of nu old aide of a former building and thia was streng thened by the addition of several inches ot brick and pla ter It was found neces sary to make a groove in the wall fur the purtwie of giving support to large iron Rirdet which would tretih from wall to wall u(io4s the building But unfortunate ly the men happened to knock away too large a ortirii ol the masonry with the result (hat the tons of brick and other snlsttanee above had not sufficient support and with a groat clutter they fell inwards and buried nwt the men A dreadful loss of life wt feured and before long the tire hiigtdc and nscue parties were at woik clearitur away the debris but after hilf un hour's hard mmtvIi nine of the men were found to be abve though more or less heri'M lv injured Nome time afterward however the (lend bodv of a missing man wax excavated in a terribly mutilated con dition Janus Montroe Lecaii he had been sentenced to 18 month' hard labour for burglary nd wa nbuiil to be reported for bad conduct in prison banged biinstdi in Imt cel) On a slate he wrote a letter to his stepbrother which be said that he had got into a hell on earth and that was Swansea Gaol He I do not intend to do that time for have come to the conclusion that it were far better to lie dead and under While for two month I wa awaiting trial I had a hard tak to keep from hanging myself and it was then that I made up my mind that the firt warder who reported me forny offence 1 would murder for the pur pose of getting hanged But as 1 hate ths law and therefore do not wish to die by it I have changed rov mind and will take away the cuie of life rovaelf wouldrather die than live in one of the cursed gnula of England which are oiled by gangs nf brutj tyrant Again say that were far better to be down in the grave where the wicked ceae from troubling and (he weury are at rest together for they are not He concluded by sincerely hoping (hat his brother would never get into gaol and that bis (Mont tragic death would be a goed les son to him Hereunder i a verr remarkable escape from a horrible Jeu th George Rhode a 84 GENERAL A serious and widespread native rising Is rcKrtt to have occurred in the sou tiiern a territory in West Africa belonging to Germany Dr Stewart a medical man attached to lhe Government service in the British Pro tectorate of Nigeria East Africa while bicycling ahead of bis party's ecort at apot two march from Calabar tost ni way When his tracks had been picked up und followed it was found that he had fallen a victim to the cannibal natives who had killed him and eaten part of his body 1 The steamer Orient has been put on to take the place of the Umrah which struck rock outside Plymouth a few days ago The luggage and cargo are being transferred to the Orient which is limed to sail on January 12 Tlie directors of Salt A Co brewers Jkurton on Treiit are unable to pay their January interest A receiver has been ap pointed at the instance of the company which hoe to arrange a successful amal gamation scheme The President of tlie Board of Agricul ture (Earl Carrington) replying to a depu tation from traders who asked for the re moval of the restrictions on the importa tions of Canadian cattle reiterated theviews expressed in May last by the ex President of the Board of Agriculture (Mr Ailwyn rellowes) The Peel River Lind and Mineral Com pany has declared a dividend of 3 percentnd a bonus of 1 per cent The New Zealand team of footballers who have bad such a victorious tour will return home via ancouver and will leave London on January 20 The firrt lest niatih between South Afri ca and Mr Wurnts' Eleven winch 19 now touring Cape Colunv was won by South Africa bv one wicket 1 The Adiii'inlt i arranging for grand manoeuvres of the British Navy in June in hich 40) warships will take piare The assumption will be that war lia been de clared iguinst the nation The Indian Aus tralian and China Squadrons will cu qe mle aud will meet ut Singapore in Sep tember und luve local nianouvres Weiss the Australian billiard ham yion has again been defeated by Inmann English this time in a level fame Jnnntn reached 7 (XX) when the Au ralian" score stood at 0 197 Twelve luontha ago Intiian who received a liun tlicap won (lie game when Weiss bad scored ti459 The EnryaJu uliirh linn been enpewd vd on the naval station by HMS Powerful Im airived at Kpilhead from Sydney A cable tneige sent on riday lasttoted that Ute shares in the Australian melling 14 been rtibetjjblifj Mid that the company was issu ing share The corporation has now allotted 170000 on subscription Many of the original applicant have withdrawn owing to the opposition of a small section of the delwnture holders of the old corpo ration who vauilv applied to the Court for un injunction to restrain the i aue of bbiiTM The inquet on the bodies of ine men lulled (It rough rhe eoliinne of part of the roof of Charing ros Railway Station on December 5 jip been concluded The verdict attriliuted the disaster to the break ing of tie rod in the curved roof through flaw in the welding No blame was at tached to the official" of the railway Charles a notorious Sydney burglar ha been pursuing a remarkable criminal career in America and Germany Many years ago he broke into and robbed i bank ut Bo ton UK A killed the night waU htnan and escaped Then an 18eW O'Donnell was sentenced in Ger many for having robbed a bank meesen Ser of £15000 and he has now been extra ite I from Germany to undergo a long sen tence in Boston London January 11 The Titno expert that a teally represen tative Transvaal Legislatiue will meet in July THE OBSERVER ADELAIDE SATURDAY JANUARY 13 1906 mWent of Hanley after falling a distance of flfi ft down an old pit abaft at th Northwood Colliery received do further hurt than a minor injury to an ankle On riday evening the boy was eroMing a field after dusk when suddenly ha felt him self felling through space He was terror struck on touching ground again to dis cover that he was at the bottom of a shaft which he remembered was daily being filled up by the labourers All night long he fnmticallv rau about shrieking for help but Ins cries were not heard for although a search party set out and scoured tno neighbourhood nut one of them thought of the shaft On the following morning tht woikmen were about to continue their task of filling the shaft when just as a cai'tUad of rubbish was about to be de posited the outid of the yells reach ed them It was not an easy task to rescue tlie frightened lad but eventually he was safety brought up from the gloomy depths and now ha recovered from the awful shock The piteous cae of Marr znn Seddon seed 65 who was condemned to death for the murder of her husband has called forth unbounded sympathy from all quar ters with the result that public expecta tion has been real red and it has been decided that the sentence which was al most immediately commuted to one of fienal servitude for life shall be reduced urtber to three months' imprisonment The poor old woman and her life partner were in great distress caused by their little old fashioned business being ruined by com petition and in the last stage of despair the aged couple decided to take poison Accordingly one night both husband and wife drank some injurious liquid but though the woman recovered after skilful treatment at a hospital her husband died Mrs Seldon made a full confession of the facta nt the case and later was arrested and charged with murder The law had to take its course and Mrs Scddon was formally sentenced to death solely on her own evidence But on January 20 next she will again be a ftee woman and on lier release from prison will be handed over tu the care of that haven fur the distressed Salvation Army At the Haikney Court recently an enquiry was opened concerning the death of Emma Abbott i2j) the victim in a love tragedy Some time agn she "walked with a young Jew and with hitn visited Mr and Mrs Bussell who heartily wel comed them the warmth of the woman's meeting even exceeding that of her hus band As lime went on the young Jewish suitor found that Emma did nut wih him to aecoinjMny her any ngcr and he ceased his The fr iendship between the man Bin sell and Einnni developed strongly ond the outcome of it was that Mrs Bus who had been married 10 was granted a separation order from her hus land and he had to pay her 0 a week After this Sirs Busell fell ill When she was in the hospital her husband went to her and his knees begged her tu for give him which she did and afterwards they nguio lived together But passion is not killed so easily and last week Etniiu Abbott and BuSell called at a coffee house and engaged a room for the night There the couple took p)isuD and eaaly in (he morning were found jn awful agony rolling about on the bed They were conveyed to a hospital where later in the day the woman Abbott died but Bussell is re covering slowly from the poison's effects and in order to secure his presence the enquiry has lecn adjourned for a fortnight The mon left the following letter: "Good by to all and I hope tlut they will let my mother know that I am dead and out of trouble I thank my friends for beingo good us to bring all this trouble on me But thank God I have made up my mind to die with the only girl 1 love and we will not be parted any more I luve Emma and I will die with her so goodbv and Gtid bless ou all I hope yr will bury us together as we want to be imrteJ I am a broken hearted man and my mme is William Edward Bussell Addre 917 Young street North Toronto Canada riend nt New road The girl also left a message tiddi essed to her mother which "Dearest Mother and I am sick of iny life Whenever lltere is any singing or people enjoying themselves I am miserable As for enjoy ing myself any more that will be never because 1 have been the downfall of Bill worse luck and caused him all thia trouble and now I am causing you inure trouble than ever But motner never mind I am now guhig to put an end to it all rather than be a (there was dash in the letter) I would sooner be dead Dear mother do not think 4 me and upset yourself about me 1 am not worth it or dear mother you have been a gxd mother and father to nie God bless you both and help vou to forget your unfortunate daughter Emma Dcor mother this is my forgive me and forget nil I pray yon will do so for my sake Dear mother give my Inst love to Goodbv from your poor miserable daughter OVERSEA HIIIPPIXG At JxvnJon or in Marathon steamer from Sydney November II Mi miro steamer from Wellington November 21 Ruapehu steamer from Wellington November 23 Karino ship from Titrnru bepUmln 2tJ Everton Grange steamer from HvtSev October 20 Moyune steamer from Brisbane November 7 At Ixmdun or in Maori steenier from Wellington November 21 Doiot steamer from Geelong October Hi Acua steamer from ort ririe (xtobir 3: Drayton Grange steamer from Brudvatie October 21 Nwazi steamer fiutn Brisbane Oct iber 31 AUfi steamer fr Hribone Oetolter 21 Delphic steamer In ort Pirie (h tuber 2tJ Gue1 harqve from Pert Pirie Mar 24 ur Hrcedoif steamer from Dunkirk ur Nitnra steamer hum London ur Ban air lie hleamcr from London ar Welling steamer from London ur Kussala steamer from Glasgow or Kidney Angsberg steamer from Hamburg lneisz steamer froin Ham burg or Pukeba stcuiner from lundon THE UNITED STATES AMERCAN NAVY Rear Admiral II fiigsbee who was commander of li I'nited Ktates battleship Maine wliicb was blown up in Havana llarlwur in ebruary 1898 and is now in charge of the Caribbean Squadron of the North Atlantic leet will visit CibraltM on January 12 with the shii of his fleet rail at Tangier on January 17 and resume Ina cruise on January 19 0 MINE EXPLOSION A ruUl mine exr loeion is reported from Hiueiield a uuall town in West VirwAva 1'waulu threc ituner were killed NEW YORK EXCHANGE A thorp break in prion occurred on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday 'IMA ftlaaVMM AatAn ABAM ajI lB alAAh MM aaw aMji evMfl wvswucm vy livered by Mr Jacob Henry Schiff of the banking firm of Kuhn Loeb Co before the New York Chamber of Commerce Mr Schiff in his address predicted that ulti mately there would be a disastrous panic unless the present inelastic currency of the ('cited States were reformed BATTLESHIPS IN A TANGLE 'As five United States battleships were 1 leaving New York Bay un Monday by some means they all got into a tangle It is sup posed the mishap was due parityto care Icwmesn and partly to traversing the nar row tirway an excessive speed The Kentucky and the two sister ships of 11540 tons each and carrying 4 13 in 4 8 in 14 5 in and 34 lighter went aground The Alabama 11565 tons collidea with the Kentucky and both the latter vessels received considerable damage The Kentucky had to be sent buck to Brooklyn for repairs An enquiry into the vircunwtances baa been ordered LANDSLIP IN NEW YORK Advice has been received of terrible landslip at Harerotraw 33 miles from New York The town which has a paper mill large print work a rolling mill for cop per and engages extensively io the manu facture of bricks i overhung by a line ol limestone cliffs A creep having started in this high bank a large piece of rock suddenly be came detached and precipitated into a claypit l(Xi ft deep eight houses which tumbled into the cuvity with terrific crash Sixteen of the occupants were killed The victims includ ed members of the leading families ut Haverstraw The debris immediately caught fire and the entumbed people were incinerated A BISHOP A great commotion has been caused among the Roman Catholic parishioners in Masaacliusctts by a remarkable action on the part of the Bishop of all River (Kight Rev William Stang) who haa pro hibited the attendants of his church from participiting in waltzes polkas and gal lops on the ground that they are indecent Mr Rockefeller jtin has been elected President of the Rubber Ccmpany of New Jersey with a capital of £6000000 Tlie object of the concern iu to exploit ton ccs'iun in Mexico GENERAL The chorus singers at the Metropolitan Opera House New York struck on Thurs day evening fi an advanceintlieiruny The manager refusing to recognit their union declined its request The programme for the evening was the music of which was rendered without the vocot choruses the orchestra filling in the gaps An advance in pay having been granted the chorus singers at the Metropolitan Opera House irt New York wno struck ami refused to sing in the performance of the chorus has resumed duty OREIGN A WEST INDIES REVOLT A rebellion has broken out in the Repub lic of San Domingo which forms the eas tern half of the Island of Hayti the lar gest of the West Indie A body of troops under Ramon Caceres (Vice President and Minister of the Interior) defeated out side Puerto Plata the fugitive President (M Morales) who was elected in BMH for fntir term and conijielled him and his followers to disperse Gen Epi f'nio RudrtGiiez (Mini ter of War and Marine and ex Governor of the Province of Monte Christi) who was on the side of the President wa killed in the engage ment The list of killed and wounded on both aides was heavy As the result of tire defeat of the fugi tive President (M Morales) of the Re public of Sail Domingo by a bodv of troops under Ramon Caceres the Vice Prom dent the revolution has ended and Morale has been impeached on a charge of treason RANCE AND GERMANY Some of the Berlin newspapers are at tacking Bihourd (rench Ambassador at Berlin) in similar manner to that in which the German press treated Del case and brought about his downfall The Paris papers retort that some forms of satisfaction are never given twice It reported in Berlin that the German rgilitan authorities have ordered 2000) goods trucks from abroad which are to he in readiness by the middle of ebruary There ore many reports that rance and Germany continue sending troops and guni to the frontier It is alleged in Puri that the Kaiser nddre sed a secret meeting of generals in Berlin on New Day which ia believed to lidve been connected with preparations for frontier hostilities CHINA An affray has taken place between Ja panese and German soldiers at Pekin Eight of the lutter and 12 of the former Were severely wounded The Pekin correspondent of dvs that China is lugotiating a fresh agreement uitli Russia regardiug the lease ul northern Manchuria and espci ally respecting the limitation of the mill tarv guards along the line to Harbin Owing to the fact that the Chinese Em pire i working out a rudieal change in national holw with the ixinsibilitv ol American interests being involved and re quiritig protection two additional regi ments are now proceeding to the Philip from America In order to conciliate the new "China for the parly the Pekin Government has withdrawn the concession given to a British comparn connection with the construction of the Shanghai to Hang luu Railway This right was given to compen sate the company for a broach of faith on the part of the hinese authorities in re peul to the Lu Hao Railway RENCH DELATION SCANDALS As (be result of a quarrel arising out of the Debit ion scandals Geu Perdu has fought a diicd with Mjr Driant a son in law of the late Gen Boulanger The con test was fought out with mwopIs in a se cluded spot in Paris and lasted75minutes Gen Herein was wounded by his antago nist in the eighth and thirteenth round in the same spot on the right forearm GERMANY The Daily Mails say that in addition to the naval coaling station at Madeira a German cotnDV has established a coal depot at Las Palmas in the Canary Isles German steamers coaling there will receive a rebate to compensate them for the diffe rence in value between the German fuelnd that supplied at the neighbouring Bri tish conling depots GERMANY AND CHINA rench advices from Pekin show that Germany in order to overcome the recent Chinese prejudice egainst the employment of foreign capital in Urge enterprises ot public utility and to secure railway con cession in the Shantung Peninsula and elsewhere has offered the Dowager Empress of China that in return for such concetriona the will withdraw her troops from the Kiaocbau territory The Berlin Government as an evidence of food faith has already begun the evacuation of the Chih li Province Bo far however only vague promisee hare been given in re sponse by the Chinese Government GERMANY AND BRITAIN A large and representative gathering of citizens has taken place at Munich for the purpose of discussing international rela tion with Great Britain The attitude throughout was eminently favourable to Great Britain and the meeting strongly advocated improved Anglo German rela tions JAPAN Count Gen Katsura the Prime Mfahter in coDsequcnce of the popular feeling be ing adverse to bis Ministry owing to his having agreed to the adoption of the peace treaty recently tendered his resignation to the Mikado and it has been accepted The Marquis Baionji who succeeded Marquis Ito as PreaiJAt of the Seiyuksi or Con stitutional Political Association of Japan tlie dominant political party agreed to form a new Cabinet and nos succeeded in bis task At the last general electionin 1IXM) his organization won 134 seals in the Diet the Progressive Party 93 the In depemiAt 132 and the Imperial 20 Mar quis Saionii will be the Prime Minister Mr Kato Minister for oreign Affair Mr Hara Minister for Home Affairs Mr Tern chi Minister for War and Mr Saito Minis ter of Murine Tlie new Cabinet I regarded as a clever coalition which ignore the Progressives but satisfies the members of the late Go vernment the Elder Statesmen and ths Keiyukai Party Mr Kato wan the Ja panese Minister in London in 1900 but re turned to Japan to be Minister for oreign Affairs in the Government formed by the Marquis Ito The value of Japan's foreifrn trade during the 12 months just ended estimated al £80900000 The figures for immediately preeeiling rears were a 1004 £07014000 1003 £00603000 and 100' £53000000 Sixty Japanese official1 are now proceed ing to Europe the United States Canada and India to establish consulates for their nat ion The Japanese Government intends to issue State bond for £13000000 of which amount £15000000 will be applied in je ropnition of services rendered to the Em pire bv officer and soldier in the Lite ituaso Jnnaneae war Two third of the Iwnds Mill be placed in the Japanese mar ket An appalling mine explosion has occurred at Innoiakita Japan with the result that iOl men were burned to death in the work ings PEACE TN POLAND The Emperor William is in fear that the rcvulutionarv spirit in Ru sian Poland will take firm root among the German Poles and lead tn a demand for separation and independence He ha issued a sharp man datory letter to the Roman Catholic Arch bisliup of Posen the capital of German Po land urging the prolate to counteract the propngalion of revohitionarv teaching hv a presentation of the principle of the Chris tian faith and a deepening of the founda tions of it cardinal doctrines in the heart of the young so as thereby to secure the faithful performance bv the latter of their duties towards the church and the State MOROCCO representative at the Algeciras Conference on lhe adminutration of affairs in Morocco which will meet on January 10 will be Signor Venoata the author of the MTangeiiieut between Italy and rance in 1890 vhieh regulated (he tariff on all Italian geud entering Tunis and secured for Italy the most tuvuured nation treat ment for nine years He was also the originator of hi present policy in regard to Morocco Tlie Standard ha learnt that the Secre tary of Sute fur oreign Aftoirs (Sir Ed ward Grey) lias formally informed the Groat Powers that he will adhere to the policy laid down by the Marquis of Lans downe in regard to Morocco and that Great Britain will support the claim of rance It ia now asserted that the proposed dis Batch of the American Squadron under ear Adnjiral igabee to the Medi terranean ia associated with the claim of the United States to superior rights 'n connection with the Morocco Conference The Wahinpton authorities however de clare that the mission thither was project 1 before the conference assumed a threatening iect A German Whitebook which has just been issued seek to hIiow that rench re form would have implied th control of Morocco bv the Republic The White Book i considered to be con ciliatory in its bearing upon the interna tional relation with Morocco Germany has clamed the complete independence of the Sultan the integrity of Morocco eco nomic freedom for all the Power and the internationalization of the finances army and police of Morocco except upon the (rentier of the rench colony of Algeria London January 10 All Germans in Denmark and Switzer land who nrc liable for military service under the uumwription law have been or dered tu be in readine to return to Ger many promptly This action is believed to be due to the considerable anxiety which is being manifoted on the Continent regard ing the outcome of the Murocco Confe rvrne NEIGHBOT'RS The Porte in rejxirl on the relation between Turkey and the neighbouring (State says that during the lt 12 months 119 encounter have taken place between the Sultan's troop in Macedonia and band of Bulgarian Greeks and Servians In the aggregate the casualties on the Turki li side weie 122 killed nnd 145 wounded and tlicir opponent lust 520 killed 20 wounded and 225 captured by the Turkish soldier ARABIAN REBELLION The commander of tlie Turkish army engaged in oueliing the Arab rebellion in the Yemen district of south western Ara bi has sustained a severe check In order to continue hi operation he has naked for reinforcement tc the extent ot 8000 men ITALY London January 10 A gang of burglars at Ban Remo a sea port and fashionable health resort in Italy has stolen jewellery to a value of £10000 tavai the safe oi large firm named Bu ETNA AND VESUVIUS Mount Etna in Sicily and Mount Vero via in Italy th two moat celebrated volcanoes in Europe ore now in violent) eruption The latter ha been manifesting considerable activity since last May VOLCANIC ERUPTION A dreadful earthquake ba occurred at Maaaya Nicaragua Central America and it is feared that there ha beA a unman calamity to that at Martinique in 1902 when the eruption of Mont Pelee resulted in the destruction of the town of St Pierre In the present instance few detail are yet available: but it i reported that the volcano of Maaaya a mountain 3000 ft high broke out in eruption and over whelmed the town which is separated from the volcano bv the Lake of Masaya The population of the town of Maaaya consisted of about 22000 people nine tenth of whom were of Indian blood and it ie leured that thousands of men women and children including manv white residents have perished In the catastrophe The latest reports from Nicaragua mini mise the damage which was done by the earthquake at Masaya Nicaragua Central America where it was at one time feared that thousands of people Lad perished in the eruption of the vcAcano VICTORIA At Collingwood Court George Dove ba been charged with having shot at bis wife with intent to murder her and also with having wounded Philip Grgnnott Accused is the Iwencce of the Mensies Hotel Col lingwood and the evidence of Gnmnott wa to tne effect that he wa talking with defendant in the dining room of hi hotel The Utter told Ins wife to dress herself ior the evening and a ahe paaed to do so he saw defendant take revolver from hi pocket and point it at his wife wit ness tried to wrest the weajion from him and while they were struggling tlie re volver went off Witness's hand was in jured Dove was under the influence ot dank at the time He finally succeeded in taking the revolver from Dove fired it off in the yard and then had hi hand at tended to Witness admitted that the re volver went off accidentally while he and defendant were tiugglwg Defendant wa committed for trial on the first charge nnd Kqmtted on the second Report of typhoid fever diphtheria and scarlet fever case have been submitted to the Guard ol Health The figure for the whole vear showed a phenomenal diminu tion or the Bute the number of tvi'hoid fever cases fell from 2040 to l33u iisi'M and for the metropolitan area from 071 to 388 while diphtheria abowed a re duction for the whole (State from 2262 to 1213 and for the inetroiolitan area from 968 to 632 Mr John Wotherpoon has been killed nt 'TaAingullii by a horse which ho was taking out of a busty lire animal rushed forward and jammed his head against a oraer post Hi head was crush ed to pulp An arm was also broken Death wa instantaneous Mr Bent has received advice that tba balance of bond not converted into consolidated stock on December 31 in accordance with the terms of the optional loan of 1903 was £15132011 This sum therefore ha to be met bv July 1 when the bonds fall due As previously men tioned it is proposed Hunt a local ln but its terms have not yet been decided on A meeting of the managers of the pas toral and finance companies has been held to take ste) to support the movement re cently etarted in Kydnev to bring out Di Dansyz of the Pasteur Institute to make experiments for theintroduction of adiMe for the destruction of rabbit The sutu of i'3 0 VJ wa subscribed in the i oom and it decided to ap)eal tu the banks to sup port the movement John arr 32 years of age living at Col lingwood hu died in the Melbourne Hos pital from arsenical poisoning arr wa brought to tlie hospital on Sunday morning bv Constable Roseby He stalled that after a quarrel with his wife he bad swallowed quantity "Rough on The bodv of Albert Jkmnell wl with his lather and other member of bi family wa drowned while fishing on Christmas Day ba been found about two mile from the scene of the accident It is considerably knocked about and hardly recognisable During last year tlw number ol tuaol vencies was 224 against 217 in 1994 The deficiencies last year were £103641 £218444 in 1904 'The niue year old eon of Mr Robert Hamilton farmer of Dumbalk died on Sunday from the effect of a snakebite A snake was found on the bed The little fellow was taken aome nnle to a doc tor but medical aid was of no avail (Seve ral snakes have been killed in the heart ot the Leongatba township One of the question with which Sic John orrest will dual on hi visit to Eng land i that of the coinage of silver iu the Commonwealth The Imperial autho rities are willinti to allow silver to be coined here but (here ia difficulty regarding tii dispo ol of the old coin at present iu circulation The Imperia) Government ha agreed to allow such coin to be sent away at the rate of £100000 per annum Mr Deakin remarked on Tuesday that Sir John orrart would do hit best to get better term Peddler sod of the postmaster at rankston was driving with hi sieter be tween 'lyabb and Hastings He attempted to ciObB the railway bue in front of a train but was struck bv the engine and killed His siter jumped from the vehicle and the engine nutwed her by a lew indies A jockey named Triiider riding in the Trial Handicap at Manrborougb was thrown His hone galloped over him and inflicted injuries from which he died Two coffee palace at berviceton Mc and ederal Coileu have been burned down At a meeting of the committee appoint ed in connection with the protest agaiu the Irish home rule resolution of the ede ral Parliament it wa reported that the signatures in Victoria alone numbered 62000 NEW SOUTH WALES At Li more Adelaide Susannah Alien ba been committed for trial ou clArge of murder Khe admitted having left child At the bush and it died next morning when she buried it Reviving proeperity of the pastoral indus try i indicated by the fact that last year 2124101 sheep were forwarded to Home buh saleyards compared with 1452710 in 1M4 and 1785682 in 1903 Cattle number ed 96 723 an increase of 5048 Two English former who recently arriv ed here have purchased farm ou the Myall Creek Estate One has secured 334 acre at £3 136 per acre and the other 269 acre at £3 7 Mounted Constable Dowdy who was be fore the public prominently in connection with the Port Kent mamacre wa a for mer resident of Broken Hill He volun teered for the Territory service seven yean ago while in Broaen Hill and ha beta tatipnd there srr sincK 89 51.

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