Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (2024)

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (1)

A bones throw from Disneyland Resort is another popular theme and amusem*nt park taken over by a cute little pup – Snoopy! Knott’s Berry Farm is a little over 6.5 miles from the Disneyland Resort and is located in Buena Park, California.

Its humble beginning as a quaint berry farm, made locally renowned for boysenberries, and fried chicken dinners, and its ghost town won it the title of California’s first theme park. Knott’s Berry Farm offers guest thrill rides, live entertainment, and special events year-round!

Knott's Berry Farm is a great addition to a Disneyland vacation as the theme park is just a short 10-minute drive away. Teens will love Knott's Berry Farm as they offer far more thrilling rollercoasters than you can find at the Disney Parks. Guests that enjoy theming and attention to detail will love classic Knott's attractions like Calico Mine Ride which was one of the first theme park dark rides.

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Discount Knott's Berry Farm TicketsKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (2)

Never buy your admission tickets at the gate! Always, if possible, buy tickets ahead of time online! With this option, you will save close to $30 for a single entry ticket! Tickets at the front gate can sell for as much as $82.00 each!

Always purchase your Knott's Berry Farm discount tickets in advance!

And if you plan to drive in, don’t forget to purchase your parking online! Of course, season passes are also available if you plan on visiting more than once a year! Planning ahead has the benefit of saving you lots of money!

Knott's Berry FarmKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (3)

Knott’s Berry Farm consists of five themed areas. Quite different than the Disneyland Resort, Knott’s Berry Farm’s “themed areas” are a bit disjointed so it can make navigating the park a bit more difficult.

Since there is so much to see and do at Knott’s Berry Farm, I’ve put an asterisk (*) next to the must-experience rides so you know which to prioritize on your Knott's Berry Farm day.

Ghost TownKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (4)

By far the most popular area in Knott’s Berry Farm, the Ghost Town has everything you’d expect from an old western ghost town from a real-life blacksmith to woodcarvers and glass blowers. Mosey on over to the jail and you may get an earful from the resident jailbird.

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (5)

Rides in Ghost Town

  • GhostRider (*)
    • The wait for this ride can soar over 120 minutes, so this is one ride you may want to head towards right when the gates open.
    • This is by far the most popular ride at Knott's as this is the longest and tallest wooden rollercoaster in Southern California.
  • Butterfield’s Stagecoach (*)
    • Riders do not get a choice where they sit on the stagecoach and the staff are strict on these rules, so don’t even bother asking!
  • Calico Mine Ride (*)
    • This legendary ride opened in 1960 and was one of Knott’s first major rides! This is a classic dark ride style attraction that theme park enthusiasts will appreciate!

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (6)

  • Calico Railroad (*)
    • If you love trains then this is the ride for you! Don’t be alarmed if your train gets invaded by robbers!
  • Timber Mountain Log Ride (*)
    • For Disneyland fans missing Splash Mountain, you can find one of the oldest log flume rides here, Timber Mountain Log Ride, which takes guests through a 19th-century lumber camp before going down an 85-foot high drop.
    • Fun fact about this ride: John Wayne and his son were the first to ride it when the attraction first opened in 1969.
  • Pony Express (*)
    • If you are a semi-thrill seeker, but not into roller coasters that take you far up into the atmosphere just to drop you straight down, this is so your ride! Riders cradle a horse and race around a track. By far my family’s favorite ride!
  • Bigfoot Rapids
    • This is your typical white-water raft ride that is very jerky and will leave you soaked!
  • Silver Bullet
    • A high-speed roller coaster with an “aggressive” thrill level!

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (7)

Must-See Ghost Town Experiences

  • Woodcarver – Watch the woodcarver transform blocks of wood into cool 3-D animals – right before your very eyes!
  • Ghost Town Cemetery – Step on the beating heart grave or pose in a coffin.
  • Pan for Gold – Claim your stake when you pan for gold in Ghost Town! See what life was like back for prospectors in the Gold Rush era. Additional costs apply.
  • Mystery Lodge – The Mystery Lodge is worth experiencing. This magical award-winning performance mixes special effects with heartwarming stories of the Native North American West from an ancient Old Storyteller. Check show times on app, website, or park show time schedules.

Indian Trails

The Indian Trails center around a stage where Native American legends, music, and dance come alive. There are no rides in this area, just performances.

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (8)

Must-See Attraction in Indian Trails Area

  • Indian Trader Bottle House – This house is made up of 3,000 bottles and houses the Indian Trader gift shop. Reminiscent of The Calico Bottle House, this house is a must-see phenomenon!

The BoardwalkKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (9)

Take a stroll through the Boardwalk area in Knott’s Berry Farm and expect to take in the sights (and smells) of a real California Boardwalk. Included in this area are a gaming area with fun arcade games where tickets are given for prizes, food, and, of course, rides!

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (10)

Rides in the Boardwalk

  • Supreme Scream
  • Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars
  • Knott's Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair(*)
    • This 4-D adventure is a virtual experience and worth the wait time! Riders have a jelly blaster to try and recover the stolen boysenberry pies.
  • Pacific Scrambler
  • Surfside Gliders
  • HangTime*
    • HangTime is a popular coaster in this area for those that love thrills!
  • Coast Rider (*)

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (11)

  • Xcelerator the Ride (*)
    • Go from 0 to 82 mph on this high thrill level ride. Since you are going so fast, you hardly have time to process the 90 degree drop! Yes, I rode it. And yes… it was quite the thrill!
  • Sky Cabin (*)
    • If you are like me and speed is not your thing, the Sky Cabin is a soothing ride that lets you take in 360-degree panoramic views of Knott's!

Must-See Shows at the BoardwalkKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (12)

  • The Charles M. Schulz Theater is located on the Boardwalk where seasonal shows are performed. This theater is massive in size and makes for great performances! Check Knott’s Berry Farms’s app, website, or park map for up-to-date shows.

Fiesta VillageKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (13)

Cross the border into this festive Mexican-style village. Here, you will be engrossed with the sights and sounds of Mexico.

Rides in Fiesta Village:

  • Dragon Swing
  • Hat Dance
  • Dentzel Carousel
  • Sol Spin (*)
  • Waveswinger
  • Montezooma’s Revenge (*)
    • This roller coaster is a classic. A bit jerky, but worth a try!
  • Jaguar! (*)
    • The line always moves fast for this coaster. It is another favorite of my family’s because it is just the right speed and does not have many steep drops!
  • La Revolucion
  • Los Voladores

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (14)

Must-Experience in Fiesta Village

  • During Knott’s Spooky Farm, definitely a must-see is the Dia De Los Muertos Celebration!

Camp SnoopyKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (15)

Camp Snoopy is where you want to be if you have young children since most, if not all, rides are geared toward the very young. This area is a fun place to be since everything is based on Peanuts characters. All rides are worth riding if you have young children!

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (16)

Rides in Camp Snoopy for Young Kids

  • Balloon Race
  • Grand Sierra Railroad
  • Woodstock’s Airmail
  • Flying Ace
  • Linus Launcher
  • Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer
  • Rocky Mountain Trucking Company
  • Rapid River Run
  • Camp Bus
  • Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies
  • High Sierra Ferris Wheel

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (17)

Rides in Camp Snoopy for the Thrill Seeker

  • Sierra Sidewinder

Must-Experience in Camp Snoopy

  • If you are a Snoopy-loving kind of person, walk through Camp Snoopy where everything is decorated with that cute pup!
  • Barrel Bridge – Take a walk along a floating bridge that leads you through a cave and out the other side!

Knott's Berry Farm CharactersKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (18)

Guests can find characters at Knott's Berry Farm including the popular Peanuts gang!

  • Boysen Bear
    • Charleston Circle
  • Peanuts Pals
    • Camp Snoopy
  • Whittles
    • Ghost Town

The most popular characters of these meet and greets are the Peanuts characters which is no surprise. Snoopy will especially draw a large crowd. There is a dedicated meeting place for guests to meet the Peanuts Pals in Camp Snoopy.

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (19)

Knott’s Berry Farm’s Fast LaneKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (20)

Similar to Disney’s Genie+, Knott’s Berry Farm offers guests the option of purchasing a Fast Lane wristband. Park admission tickets are separate and required when using Fast Lane wristbands. Wristbands are limited to the following rides: Xcelerator, Timber Mountain Log Ride, Voyage to the Iron Reef, Coast Rider, Silver Bullet, Bigfoot Rapids, Sierra Sidewinder, Pony Express, Montezooma’s Revenge, Jaguar!, and Supreme Scream.Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (21)

This option may be perfect for thrill seekers, but not so much for guests that like to take things slow.

Entertainment and Live Shows at Knott’s Berry FarmKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (22)

Knott’s Berry Farm offers guests over 100 plus unique live-action shows including stunt shows, Snoopy ice shows, musicals, and more each year. To see what is offered on your next visit, go online or grab a show list when visiting so that you don’t miss out on all the fun.

Knott's Seasonal Events

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (23)

Knott’s Berry Farm also offers five Seasons of Fun events throughout the year. Just as Disneyland celebrates Halloween and Christmas, you will want to make an extra trip to Knott’s to celebrate the seasons here as well!

  • Knott’s Peanut Celebration – Live shows are just one of the exciting ways Knott’s celebrates the Peanuts characters during the beginning of every new year.
  • Knott’s Boysenberry Festival – Every spring, Knott’s Berry Farm celebrates the unique fruit that Walter and Cordelia Knott became famous for. Special boysenberry flavors can be found throughout the park.
  • Ghost Town Alive! – Become an honorary citizen of Knott’s Ghost Town with interactive entertainment that puts guests right in the middle of all the fun!
  • Knott’s Spooky/Scary Farm – During Knott’s Spooky Farm, children 3-11 can enjoy loads of fun Halloween shows and activities throughout the park. Crafts, costume contests, and live entertainment to go with the season. The trick-or-treating in Ghost Town would be a priority on my “bucket” list! On select nights in the fall, when the moon creeps out into the blackened night sky and all Peanuts characters are safely tucked snug in their beds, Knott’s opens Knott’s Scary Farm for the brave. Nighttime frights include sinister shows, haunted mazes and attractions, and more than 1,000 terrifying creatures lurking around the Park, ready to jump-scare guests!
  • Knott’s Merry Farm – Knott’s Berry Farm transforms into a winter wonderland in the winter with fun entertaining shows, a crafts village, and nightly snowfall in Ghost Town. Read our full guide to the holiday Christmas celebration at Knott's Berry Farm.

Dining at Knott’s Berry FarmKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (24)

Knott’s Berry Farm offers many mouth-watering dining options worth familiarizing yourself with before visiting! I had no idea there were so many unique flavors to choose from. I did try the Carne Asada Tacos at Pancho’s Tacos in Fiesta Village and I must say, for being located in an amusem*nt park, the tacos were small and a bit expensive, but very good! But nothing beats Coasters Diner, located at the Boardwalk. Classic 50’s style diner with big tastes!

If you love to indulge in amusem*nt park food, then purchase an all-day dining wristband that allows you to enjoy select meals at participating restaurants as often as every 90 minutes! Drinks are not included in this offer. Go online to find out more about this deal!

Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant is by far the most popular place to eat when visiting Knott’s Berry Farm and for good reason too! Their fried chicken and biscuits with your choice of Knott's preserves, is some of the best you will ever have. Definitely make reservations if you plan to eat here.

Where to Stay when Visiting Knott’s Berry FarmKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (25)

There are many great hotels around Knott’s Berry Farm that are within walking distance to the Park. However, staying at the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel and booking a hotel package deal is, by far, the most convenient way to do it! Of course in the off seasons deals are much more affordable. But during peak season or off season, the perks that come with the package is worth looking into. You also have the option (at an additional cost, of course) to stay in a

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (26)

Snoopy telling your kids goodnight!

Snoopy-decorated room (and he even comes nightly to tuck you and your children in for the night!). My family and I received admission tickets, one Fast Lane ticket each, hotel accommodations, free breakfast every day we stayed (at Amber Waves restaurant in the hotel), and coupons.

I have to note that the hotel is far from the lavish hotels of the Disneyland Resort, but they are clean and worth the overall price.

Knott’s Soak City Water ParkKnott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (27)

Knott's Soak City Water Park is a separately gated 15-acre water park located directly next to Knott's Berry Farm making it just a short walk to add it to your day at the theme park. Soak City is open mid-May through early-October.

Knott's Soak City requires separate admission which starts at $49.99 per person with costs averaging $54.99 per person on weekends.

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (28)

Soak City includes 23 speed, tube, and body slides including Shore Break which offers 6 different waterslide experiences and a family raft ride called The Wedge.

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (29)

The Tidal Wave Bay wavepool is a 750.000 gallon wave pool which offers calm waters towards the entrance to more thrilling waves the further in you go.

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (30)

The lazy river, Sunset River, is a 1/3 mile river that wraps around the entire water park.

Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (31)

The interactive kid's area includes a three-story water playgroundwith over 200 water guns, nozzles, sprays, and other interactive experiences kids will love.

Soak City is definitely worth a visit during hot California summers!

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Knott’s Berry Farm - Everything You Need to Know (2024)
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