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A service for the paper, graphic, symbol and Ex Libris lover

Since 1992 EXLIBRIS-INSEL has been working in the world of Ex Libris graphics, a world of communication and visual power around allegory, iconography and symbolism around the topics plants, animals, medicine, music, art nouveau, nature, heraldry, justice, science and nautical science. There is now a gigantic pool of motifs. From this you can personalize your favourite motive or your own motive. We then produce the graphics on stamp plate, engrave them in embossing clips or print them on cotton paper or self-adhesive labels. Choose your favourite picture.

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Ex LibrisOwl

This owl motif is available as a stamp as well as in label or letterpress printing. The owl is regarded in the western world as a bird of wisdom and is the companion of the goddess Athena..

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Ex LibrisCat

This Ex Libris motive of a cat with pipe is after the famous black cat, le chat noir, the emblem of a Parisian cabaret in Montmartre from the year 1881 to 1897 originated. This motif can be personalised as a stamp or printed on a label or letterpress.

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Ex Librissymbolic

The Bookplate graphic offers excellent possibilities to formulate and graphically present own preferences, emphases, positions. Here is an Ex Libris example from the mythological history of Egypt. Contact us.

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Bookplates can also visualize your hobbies, your profession, your perspective, here an example from the world of the Greeks. Asklepios is, according to Greek mythology, the founder and god of healing.

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Art Déco

Ex LibrisArt Nouveau

The influence of Art Nouveau has produced some particularly beautiful bookplates. In the text fields you can place your slogan, your motto or Latin text.

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Ex LibrisStamps

Our Ex Libris can be obtained as graphics as well as stamps or in digital printing, labels (self-adhesive) or in classic book printing on laid paper.

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"Speakers" Ex Libris designate graphics, similar to heraldry, in which talking coats of arms indicate an allusion to the name of the coat of arms owner..

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Ex Libris-Insel has specialized in symbolic representations and symbolic images. Here, ideas are integrated into a graphic by means of a symbol, which do justice to the interests of the client.

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Exlibris Insel offers not only an extensive range of symbols and ornaments, the collection of animals is also very diverse. The offer ranges from ants to ravens and pike-perches.

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Embossing PliersEmbossing Symbol Om

You love colourless embossing in paper? Browse through our shop through our range of embossing pliers. You can't find your favorite symbol here? Contact us, perhaps we have it in our extensive archive. Our EXLIBRIS-INSEL Shop offers worldwide shipping, free return shipment, a secure payment system via Visa and Mastercard and of course the good old bank transfer. Online payments run over a secure https connection. You can recognize this type of connection by the symbol of a lock in the browser line.

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Here you will find an Ex Libris based on a Celtic design. The brilliant, beautiful designs, decorations and patterns of the Celts are always fascinating.

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Ex LibrisCustom-made products

You do not find the suitable motive in our selection or you already own a graphic, which you would like to reproduce? Describe us your wish or send us an already existing motif, coat of arms, and we will be happy to advise you. In our little Ex Libris Gallery you will find a selection of our bookplates. It should serve you as a source of ideas and inspiration for your own book owner's mark. Below on the left is an order number, with which you can carry out a simple order over our contact form.

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BookplateOwl and medicine

Here is a professional booklet for doctors. The motive contains an owl in connection with a library, an Aesculapian staff and a skull.

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BookplateArt Nouveau boat

Here is a mythological art nouveau motif. The two mottos above, namely poetry and music, are variable and interchangeable.

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Son of Air

Ink withFeather writes books

Books are the great treasure keepers of mankind. An exlibris shows our esteem for this work. Order this original bookplate and let it be personalized for you.

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Browse further through our offer directly in our Shop.

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Bookplate etiquette

Tree with heartAmore, Love

Here a bookplate with a heart carved in the tree, Amore, love. We print it for you with or without text on label and cotton papers.

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Exlibris Etikette

Butterflieswith glasses and quiver

Here a bookplate with the motive of a butterfly sitting on a pair of glasses. We print it for you with or without text on label and cotton papers.

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Our Exlibris Extra Service for T-shirts and Phone Cases

Our bookplate motifs are also available for T-shirts, mobile phones and tablet cases. Would you like to transfer your bookplate motif to one of our products? Do you have a wish, contact us.


ExLibris Insel

*All prices include 19% VAT plus worldwide flat rate $ 4.00 shipping.
Tablet Case

ExLibris Insel iPad
Yggdrasil, World Tree

*All prices include 19% VAT plus worldwide flat rate $ 4.00 shipping.
Phone Case

Book Ornament
from the Johannes Regiomontanus Epitoma, Venice

*All prices include 19% VAT plus worldwide flat rate $ 4.00 shipping.

Chinese Dragon
as canvas print with frame

*All prices include 19% VAT plus worldwide flat rate $ 4.00 shipping.

You have a question? Contact us.

Bookplate Atelier | Production | Stamps | Design, reproduction and print (2024)
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